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Hack Your Nervous System: Healing Trauma with Applied Polyvagal Theory

December 17, 2021 @ 9:00 am 10:30 am

As most of us have experienced, the past nearly 3 years has been a time of chronic collective trauma, and with that, the global dysregulation of nervous systems. General stress and anxiety levels have reached an all time high, and post traumatic stress sufferers have experienced intensely exacerbated symptoms. Formerly regulated nervous systems have also been pushed past their windows of tolerance, leaving many people searching fruitlessly for internal regulation, or at least for a regulating other.

In this presentation, you will hear Brianna Rose , Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified, Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher, and creator of the “Hack Your Nervous System” Card Deck, offer you instantly applicable and effective Somatic and Therapeutic interventions to empower yourself, your clients, and your loved ones to find their way back to sustained nervous system regulation.

In this presentation you will learn the basics of the nervous system through a Polyvagal lens, and gain confidence in applying appropriate and effective interventions based on the state of your (or your clients’) nervous systems.

The purpose of this presentation is to provide the invaluable tools necessary to Ground in and Flow Forward, in spite of what happens in the external world.

* This HPG presentation will be recorded. For those who would like to attend, but find that the time of the presentation doesn’t work with your schedule, you may signup and get the recording of the presentation afterwards.

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About the presenter:

Brianna Rose LMHC, RYT, is a Licensed Therapist, Certified, Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor, Eye Movement Integration Therapy And Trauma Incident Reduction Practitioner, and Creator of the Hack Your Nervous System Card Deck- 60 Evidence Based Interventions to Alleviate Anxiety, Reduce Stress, and Retrain the Nervous System.

Brianna practices privately in Miami, Florida and provides holistic therapy services to clients who are looking to rebuild a sense of internal safety, deepen their capacity for self compassion, improve their mind-body connection, and empower themselves to navigate their emotional world with more mastery.

Brianna is committed to spreading easily affordable and accessible tools to navigate the symptoms associated with trauma, anxiety, and stress; with the intention of creating a more self aware, embodied, compassionate and (of course) regulated world.

Learn more about Brianna and her practice here: www.briannaroseflows.com

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